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10 Ways to Ensure Your Business Has Backup Power During a Crisis

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During power outages, critical power failures can occur, damaging your business and affecting your profit. Here are 10 ways that you can ensure that your business has backup power during a crisis:

  1. Risk Assessment
    The first step is to figure out the cost of the risks that are associated with utility interruptions, production losses and downtime.
  2. Buy and Install a Standby Generator
    Frequent power outages, even those lasting only a few seconds, can disrupt production lines and cause significant cost implications, so installing a diesel powered generator will offer the most cost-effective source of backup power.
  3. Store Sufficient Amounts of Fuel
    Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of fuel stored for the generator, ideally enough to last for several days.
  4. Equipment Maintenance
    Make sure you “exercise” your generators periodically, to ensure that they will work during an emergency.
  5. Contract Rental Power
    If you can’t install your own backup generator, consider contracting a firm to reserve rental generator power.
  6. Double Check Your Set-up and Your System
    Make sure that your unit and fuel sources are located in a safe,dry, and properly protected area. Check the connections and make sure that you have the proper extension cords for the electrical load.
  7. Do Not Operate A Generator in An Enclosed Space
    Since carbon monoxide fumes can build up in enclosed areas, generators need to be used in an outdoor setting only.
  8. Check Your Power Load
    If you’ve added any new demands or circuits, you may want to think about updating your switchgear to protect your new devices.
  9. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain
    Commit to your level of maintenance, making sure all oil and filter changes and service contracts are up to date and current.
  10. Follow the Rules
    Make sure that you have the proper permits and records on operation needed for running a generator at your place of business.

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