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Power Distribution

Power Distribution

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Power Distribution

Every temporary power solution is comprised of two key components: An available power source utilizing grid power or portable power and the actual distribution and delivery of that power to the desired location/s. Power Plus has an extensive inventory of Cord, Distribution Boxes, Caged Load Centers, Transformers, Automatic Transfer Switches and other electrical components to efficiently distribute reliable power from any source. You can rely on our highly trained State Certified Technicians to deliver the Power, when you need it, where you need it.


Whether your project requires 50 amps or 2,000 amps, Power Plus has the right cabling to get the job done! Having supplied as much as 40,000 feet of ground cord for a single job, we have the right tools, equipment, experience and technical knowledge to “plug you in” safely and efficiently!

Distribution Boxes

Power Plus has over 250 GFI protected ground boxes in stock. Commonly referred to as a Spider Box, these configurable platforms are available in many different variations with multiple 110 volt and 220 volt outlets as well as 30 amp and 50 amp twist lock receptacles.

Caged Load Centers

A "Caged Load Center" is a portable power distribution package engineered to provide greater amperage distribution capacity than a standard “Spider Box”. These durable load centers are capable of providing 100 to 400 amps of power. Each unit is encased inside a welded steel cage that can be deployed virtually anywhere. Multiple breaker configurations are available.

Automatic Transfer Switch

An automatic transfer switch provides flexibility, reliability and safety for a variety of standby power applications for critical loads. Whether you are using a permanent back-up generator or providing a “quick access” point for an emergency portable generator, an automatic transfer switch will save you valuable time and money. Simply stated, if your primary power source is interrupted, a transfer switch provides a safe and reliable means to transfer the load circuits to an alternate source of power.

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