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Generator Rental

Digital Video Surveillance

Whether as a theft deterrent or a way of keeping an eye on job site activity, Power Plus has a surveillance system to suit your needs. We have enhanced resolution analog cameras that come in several arrangements from one to four camera platforms. We also have the latest I.P. megapixel camera technology that record 1080p HD quality images that enhance the security of the job site.

Anti-theft Solutions

Job site theft is an ever present reality. Copper ground cord in particular, is at constant risk. To combat this, Power Plus developed a cord theft deterrent device that instantly alerts designated personnel when any power loss occurs. This, in combination with our Digital Video Surveillance, is an excellent, lower cost alternative to on-site security guards.

Lighting Solutions

Common light towers work well, but at significant cost. Power Plus has developed high power quartz, halogen and LED lighting platforms that are easily installed on temporary power poles. They produce bright, visible light that is sure to keep workers productive and potential thieves looking elsewhere.