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Temporary Power

Temporary Power Pole Installation For Construction Sites

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Why Choose Power Plus For Your Temporary Power Pole Installation & Construction Services?

For more than 35 years, Power Plus has been designing and installing temporary power systems for the construction industry. Whether residential homes, commercial developments, or civil engineering projects, we are the temporary power pole installation experts.

Our crews have the experience, resources, and equipment to provide you with the temporary power system you need. In just the past 10 years, Power Plus has installed over 250,000 power poles and hung over 21 million feet of electrical wire. Capable of delivering a range of power from 120 volts to 33,000 volts, our estimators and power engineers consistently design and deliver innovative, on-time power solutions for many of the biggest contracting companies in the world.

Our temporary power equipment warehouses are fully stocked with meter panels, switchgear, distribution equipment, transformers, power poles & wire. And, with a nation-wide fleet of portable rental generators, we are your single-source supplier for all your power needs.

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We Offer Various Temporary Power Services:

Temporary Power Pole Installation

Power pole installation is an important part of any temporary power solution. These power poles must be installed adequately to ensure safe and reliable power supply temporarily to your site. Following guidelines to secure temporary power poles underground and confirm temporary generator connection is essential to avoid risks. Our expert team is well equipped to ensure safety and quality on all projects in need of temporary power generation and temporary power distribution.

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Overhead Solutions

The most cost-efficient solution for temporary power is usually through overhead distribution. Our temporary power teams have the experience, equipment, and resources to handle any size project. Our engineering teams design the system to meet your specifications and power requirements while working within your budget and time frame. From 100 amps to 4000 amps, for jobsite trailers and power for production to elevator testing and rock crushing plants, no job is too big - or too small!

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Underground Solutions

For projects that require temporary power to be routed underground, our temp power team has you covered. With in-house trenching, conduit and wire-pulling crews, we’ll get you connected quickly, safely, and on time. Combined with our in-house engineering design group, we can provide an underground power solution from start to finish.

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High Voltage / Extended Distance Solutions

Is your utility source far away? Are you running expensive diesel drinking generators to provide your temporary power? Our utility engineering and installation teams have delivered 4,160 volt, 12,000 volt, and 33,000 volt systems from 1,000 feet to several miles away to bring utility grade, reliable temporary power at dramatic cost savings.

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Ground Cord Solutions

From 400 amp caged load centers and spider boxes to remote generator connections, Power Plus has the right temporary power pole rental solution to bring you power when you need it, where you need it.

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Phone / Data Solutions

If you need temporary power, you’ll probably need a temporary phone connection and temporary data connection as well. Our temporary power crews are experienced phone and data technicians as well. We’ll search and locate all available sources and install the receptacles and jacks needed to get you connected.

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Switch Gear 400amp-4000amp

Our temp power facilities stock a large number of meter cabinets, switch gear, transformers, and other electrical equipment. Whether your need is to purchase or rent, we will provide the equipment and qualified technicians to ensure a professional installation, connection, and when the job is complete, efficient removal of the temporary system.

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Budget Bids

Temporary power is often a forgotten, yet costly, element of a prime contractor’s overall bid. We have experienced estimators and resources available to review plans, evaluate power requirements, locate available sources, and even produce a preliminary design to get you a realistic budget number for your temp power requirements.

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Permits & Fees

Waiting in line to pull permits and to pay utility connection fees can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Let our competent administrative staff carry that burden for you. As part of our temp power turn-key solutions, we have developed a comprehensive service to acquire the necessary permits for your onsite temporary power needs. Our staff has the experience, knowledge, and relationships necessary to expedite the process and get your temp power connected as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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