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How commercial industrial portable generators work

Why would you need a commercial or industrial portable generator?

Power is the lifeblood of industry. Without it – whether due to a power outage or because you are in a remote area with no electrical grid – businesses of all types simply cannot function. To avoid loss of revenue, loss of data and other IT issues, safety and security risks, or even serious accidents, include a generator as part of your continuity plan.

How do generators work?

All generators are made up of three main components:

1. The engine uses pistons, engine blocks, fuel injectors, crankshafts, valves, etc. to convert chemical energy, such as diesel, into mechanical power.

The size of the engine determines the power output.

When hiring a commercial generator, make sure that you factor in the fuel requirements. You do not want to run out of fuel – and power. Consider boosting the capacity of the fuel unit by hiring an auxiliary fuel tank.

2. The radiator keeps the generator running cool by ventilating it. This is especially important when your generator is being used for long periods or during heavy duty.

3. The alternator, or generator end, is made up of the stationary stator (electrical conducting coils wound around an iron core) and the moving rotor (that creates a magnetic force that moves electrons around the stator to produce electricity).

By directing the mechanical input supplied by the engine, the alternator produces an alternating current (AC).

Portable power solutions

At Power Plus we offer both trailer mounted generators and skid mounted high capacity units. The trailer units offer flexible mobile power, whereas the high capacity units are engineered to run for extended periods without requiring refueling.

Additionally, Power Plus offers a complete fueling service, auxiliary fuel tanks, electrical cable and distribution systems, and equipment, as well as certified electricians to make the connections safely and reliably. For more information on how we can deliver the power, contact us today.  

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