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Our digital video surveillance systems are configurable for multiple applications. Whether you need a system as a theft deterrent or a way of keeping an eye on your job site activity, we have a surveillance system that will suit all of your security needs.

Fixed Camera

Our fixed cameras provide a viewing angle of 115° and a daytime range of 250’ and 100’-130’ at night. With three fixed cameras you get nearly 360° of coverage. This is our most popular camera as it offers 1080p HD resolution and provides the best opportunity to capture the details of what is happening on the job site.

License Plate Reader

This unique camera offers our customers the ability to catch license plates of vehicles entering or exiting their properties day or night. The camera operates at 60 frames per second and is able to capture perfectly clear license plate images of vehicles travelling up to 70mph. Requires specific placement near entry/exit points.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera

The PTZ camera offers an expansive 360° field of view by allowing the user to control where the camera is pointed. Users can also zoom in up to 10x optically. This camera can see up to 250’ away during the day and up to 150’ at night (with lighting), all in 1080p.

Talk down Speaker

The talk down speaker is a must have add-on item as it functions as an intercom during the day for safety announcements or more and at night it can be used by the customer or the monitoring company to talk directly to the intruder/s, letting them know they have been identified and the police are on their way.

Thermal Camera

Our Thermal camera provides our customers with “Night-Vision”. The cameras operate in the infrared wavelengths versus visible, so the images are in the form of heat signatures. It provides for easy identification of a person or a vehicle versus an animal or other non-threat. The camera will reach out to 600’ at night and 300’ during the day, making it perfect for jobsite perimeter coverage. Whether it’s a warm body or a hot vehicle engine, our thermal camera will catch it all.

Solar Capabilities

Our professionally engineered solar powered systems give our customers the ability to employ a comprehensive digital video surveillance system in places where there is no utility power available. And, if you get a week of cloudy days, every system comes with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), ensuring 24/7 monitoring. Customers can relax knowing cameras are always on and functioning.

Lighting Solutions

Common light towers work well but at a significant cost. Power Plus has developed high power quartz, halogen and LED lighting platforms that can be installed on temporary power poles. Cut-yards, laydown areas and other large spaces can be well illuminated, causing potential thieves to look elsewhere.

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