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Emergency Power Industrial Generators for Schools

Most schools have fire alarms, phone systems, computer networks and emergency lighting.  Lights in hallways usually have a backup battery for a power outage

A standby generator using natural gas or diesel fuel, will keep power flowing to the heating system, cooling system, refrigeration, security systems and elevator systems.  In addition it will safeguard any electronics in the classrooms to prevent damage and loss of data. 

During a loss of power situation, students are usually present in school.  The situation becomes compounded when parents cannot reach the school to arrange for transportation, because the phone system is down.  With no heating available, students become cold and uncomfortable.  A industrial power generator capable of operating all the school’s equipment can change the situation from being a frantic one, to one that resembles a normal day at school. 

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A standby power generator will not only serve the needs of the school, but will also provide a safe haven for members of the community experiencing complete power shut-downs.  With available fuel, industrial  generators can run indefinitely, and the effects of the disaster can be minimized.

Colleges and universities will also suffer during a power outage.  With an abundance of labs for both chemistry and medical classes also on campus research facilities, temperature controls are critical.  Any interruption in temperature can cause severe losses to research and data.  A large generator would be able to maintain a constant temperature for these facilities.

Schools are a major facet of American society, be it online school or location based education. Having the power necessary to function when the unexpected hits is imperative when it comes to our educational system.

Power Plus Standby Generators for Schools

At Power Plus, we can provide a standby generator to meet all of your needs.  Whether you are a small school, or a major university, we will choose an industrial generator to meet your needs with corresponding fuel requirements.

Power Plus! is a leading provider of reliable non-radioactive power generators across the United States and Canada.

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