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Backup Generators: Why Protect Your Business from Power Outages

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On a day-to-day basis, we don’t stop to wonder if the lights will turn on or whether the equipment we rely on to run our businesses will function.

But when the power goes out, everything changes…

You may recall when over 49 businesses sustained damage from a storm and power outage in Waco, Texas. These businesses suffered thousands of dollars in lost food stores and electrical equipment.  Over 100,000 people lost power to their homes also. Power was off for 4 days or more and crews stayed busy accommodating emergencies with downed power lines and trees.  Damage was extensive to homes and businesses.

How Long it Took to Recover from the Power Outage in Waco TX

Although power was beginning to be restored after 4 days, many people continued to ring up the costly effects of having no power generator for backup power. Electrical problems caused during the outage required the use of professionals to repair in order to get the businesses open again. This process continued very slowly due to the vast number of repairs needed.

Small Businesses are Hit the Hardest

Small Businesses are Hit the Hardest Small stores relying on power in order to stay open lost entire inventories of food stores due to the power outage. This can wipe out an entire year’s profits reported some business owners.  Structural damage occurring during a storm, only adds to the loss of inventory and equipment; and can force a business owner to shut down, either temporarily, or permanently. Affects were felt at a local blood bank who estimated its closure to be for at least 2 weeks.

Few Back Up Systems in Place/No Emergency Plans

Few Back Up Systems in Place/No Emergency Plans Many business owners have lamented that a commercial power generator could have helped them dodge many bullets caused by the power outage.  Unfortunately, sometimes an incident such as this is necessary to demonstrate our preparedness or lack of preparedness for such an emergency.

Commercial Power Generators Minimize Losses from Power Outages

Having a comprehensive emergency plan, and back up equipment can help make riding out the storm easier.  A commercial power generator set to turn on automatically can literally make the difference between surviving the storm intact or losing your business.  Many people don’t realize that the actual power outage is just stage one of the emergency. Once the power is restored, then it could be days before needed repairs are made to the equipment damaged by the lack of power. More days to acquire lost inventory and records usually follow.  Businesses have been known to suffer for months following a power outage.

Don’t let this happen to you. Contact Power Plus! today to protect your business with a backup generator.

Power Plus! is a leading provider of reliable non-radioactive power generators across the United States and Canada.

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