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How an Industrial Backup Generator Can Benefit Your Business

An important part of any preparedness plan for businesses is the generator.  A large power generator can decrease business interruption during a power outage. 

An outage of power can occur due to weather, natural disaster or faulty equipment.  Every business should develop and practice a business continuation plan.  A critical element of being prepared for a disaster or power outage is having a backup industrial generator.

An industrial generator can pay for itself many times over, if installed and operated correctly. Purchase or rent a generator that is designed to accommodate the needs of your business. To ensure optimal performance, make sure to follow a regular maintenance program for your industrial generator.  

In order to determine what size or type of industrial generator you will need:

   1. Assess your power needs

   2. Estimate how often you may lose power and for how long

   3. Know the reasons why your business may face power outages and associated risk factors

These factors will help determine the size and type of industrial generator you will need.

When considering the options of a portable generator versus a permanent generator, you will need to assess your needs more in-depth.  A portable or back-up generator is intended to move to where the need is.  Its temporary nature makes it convenient to be moved to different locations based upon the power needs.  The permanent or standby generator is a back-up electrical system and can automatically turn on through a transfer switch.

Portable generators usually have a short running period and will need to be refueled periodically throughout the day during a long power outage.  This type of generator would work well with a small to mid-sized business. If you have sensitive equipment, a portable generator will not work as well as a stand-by or permanent generator.

Finding the right industrial generator

Assess the equipment you will need to be powered by the industrial generator before you decide which is right for you.

The permanent or stand-by industrial generator will be wired directly into your building’s electrical system using a transfer switch. As the switch senses a power outage, it will identify your emergency electrical wiring, providing power to the predetermined equipment. Upon restoration of power, the switch will reconnect the emergency wiring back to the utility lines and shut down the generator.

The permanent generator generally has higher power levels as compared to the portable unit. It can also run longer.

If several areas of your business require power, purchasing several portable generator units may not be cost effective.  Renting large power generators can provide units to all areas requiring power.

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