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Find the best backup generator for your business.

Choose the Best Backup Generator for Your Business

Whether you work at a school, hotel, hospital, retail store or construction site, your business needs a backup generator. If there is a power outage, there can be serious consequences for your business. It can even be life and death. That's why choosing the right backup generator and finding a power company to maintain it is an important decision.

Which Backup Generator Should You Get?

The most common backup generator on the market is a portable generator, which is powered by a small gas engine. However, if you have to power a large building like a school or hospital, we'd recommend using a standby generator with an automatic transfer switch.

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To find out which backup generator you need, think about these three things:

  • The total amount of wattage you will need during an emergency
  • The functions of the backup generator
  • What works within your budget 

If you’re going to require a high-end maximum power generator, it’s always advised to rent one before buying one. Not only is it cheaper, but if you rent one, companies like Power Plus have on-hand staff to help you with any installation or malfunctioning issues. We also recommend looking into standby contracts for emergency power so you have a team of professionals ready to help if disaster strikes.

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