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Man checks a portable generator to prepare his temporary power for a power outage.

6 Portable Generator Accessories You Need

Your construction site needs temporary power. One of the first things you do is rent a portable generator.

But now what?

If you have a portable generator on your construction site, then you need to consider getting some accessories to make sure it runs correctly and efficiently.

Today, you'll learn which generator accessories you must have for your construction site.

1. Remote Starter

A remote starter allows you to power your generator from anywhere on your site with the click of a button. These usually come as a wireless remote that you can carry with you during the day.

2. Generator Cover

Once your site shuts down for the day, you'll want to cover your portable generator. This is especially important if it's out in the open.

3. Maintenance Plan

During your project, you have to maintain your portable generator. The best way is to purchase a maintenance plan with a powerMan looks at a portable generator to ensure his power solutions can provide temporary power for his construction site. company. They can come in and keep your portable generator running.

If you decide to maintain your generator yourself, you need to purchase oil, spark plugs, air filters, oil filters, and an oil funnel. You will need to replace these things throughout the process, depending on the length of your project. It's important to make sure that your portable generator is running at optimal levels.

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4. Muffler

If your construction site has a noise concern, a muffler will make your portable generator quieter. Although, most generators already have a muffler built in, you can choose to find a customized muffler that will further reduce noise and outperform the built-in counterpart. If you do get a customized muffler, make sure it fits properly.

5. Automatic Transfer Switch

Probably the most important accessory there is, all generators should have an automatic transfer switch. An automatic transfer switch acts as a failsafe, so when there's a power outage, it automatically switches to use power from your generator.

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6. Cold Weather Kit

Depending on where you live, a cold weather kit is a helpful accessory for your portable generator. These kits usually include an oil heater and battery warmer. The battery warmer is usually placed below the generator's battery and heats it up when the temperature gets low. The oil heater keeps the oil from solidifying during low temperatures.

Renting Standby or Portable Generators

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