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Myths about Backup Generators

6 Myths about Backup Generators

Getting a backup generator for your business is imperative, whether you’re in the retail, oil, medical, or construction industry. When there’s a power outage, you can experience costly delays in your infrastructure. But choosing a generator and maintaining it isn’t always straightforward. Below are the top myths that people need to stop believing about generators.

1. Size Doesn’t Matter

Depending on the items you want to keep powered, the size of the generator does matter. If you have a small business, you might not require as much power as a construction company. The more power you need, usually the bigger the backup generator.

2. They Don’t Need Maintenance

This definitely isn’t true. In order to maintain your generator, you need to check your oil often, maintain the air/oil filter, use the correct oil, and change the spark plug. You’ll need to change the oil after it runs for a certain amount of time, too. Be sure to ask the manufacturer or the company who installed it about maintenance.

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3. Generators are DIY Projects

Generators are complex machines. And if you need power for your business, you’ll probably need a large standby generator. You should hire a generator service company to help deliver, install, and maintain your backup generator. They’ll be able to make sure you get the best generator for your needs.

Backup generators on construction sites are often misunderstood.

4. Automatic Transfer Switches aren’t Necessary

While you might not technically need one, an automatic transfer switch will save you time and money in a power outage. Your business can’t afford to experience delays in regaining power. An automatic transfer switch makes it possible to experience no delay.

5. Power Outages Won’t Cost That Much Money

Losing power for even a second can impact IT equipment that the whole company relies on. If the servers lose power, it could take more than a day to get everything up and running again. If you don’t have the infrastructure in place, it could take longer. And that time will cost you money, in the thousands of dollars. Whether you have a big or small company, your servers and data need to be protected.

6. Generators Use the Same Fuel

Any backup generator that you buy will have specific needs. Whether it’s what type of fuel it needs, how often the oil needs to be changed, etc. No matter what generator you get, make sure you understand how to properly care for it.

The infrastructure to your company is important and you spend a lot of money on it. You don’t want your systems to be down for any amount of time and lose money. Your backup generator is very important to your business, so be sure you choose the right one and maintain it well.

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