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When you’re choosing a service provider for a single site or multiple locations around the country the goal remains the same, quality service, fair pricing, rapid response and quality reporting. To deliver a service like this requires experience, knowledge, trained technicians and an organization built around service. At Power Plus our prime business is service; we are committed to customer centric results delivered by highly skilled Technicians and an experienced customer service team.

Power Plus has been providing generator service since 1989 and has built our organization from the ground up gaining the knowledge of what it takes to deliver world class service. It begins with our Generator Technicians where Power Plus hires, trains and maintains some of the leading technicians in the industry. Our technicians average over 10 years of industry experience and have the skill to work on multiple brands of equipment including Cummins, Caterpillar, Kohler, MTU, Generac, and many others.

Power Plus’s ability to work on multiple brands over a wide geography means our customers benefit from using one service provider to manage all of their critical power needs. Consolidating your services allows you to minimize the number of vendors you need, coordinate service delivery, and plan around a centralized scheduling and reporting platform. We provide full lifecycle services for your facility including design, installation, maintenance, replacement and recycling the equipment that serves your critical infrastructure.

Power Plus is not tied to one manufacturer and is agnostic in our approach to equipment; our bias is towards customer centric solutions that fit the needs of the end user. We don’t believe one manufacturer makes the best product for all applications and thus we apply solutions based on the best product for the specific customer need. Our experience with working on multiple manufacturer’s products gives us insight into which products perform the best over time and gives the customer the highest availability at the lowest total cost of ownership.

When you’re choosing a service provider we know you have a choice. Many manufacturers believe they are the best source for service, and while they do a very good job at service, we believe our value goes beyond what any single OEM can offer. We understand the demands for uptime remain constant and our organization needs to be quick to respond to the market and provide quality service for our customers to be successful. For this reason we believe Power Plus is the company that can serve the needs of industry best!

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