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What do Businesses Use Portable Generators For?

Uses of Portable Generators

Portable Generators Have Many Uses 

A portable generator provides an ideal solution to a variety of situations for temporary, standby, and emergency power. Portable generators range from smaller tow-able 15kw generators to large 40-foot ISO containerized 2000kw generators. Most commonly, these portable generators are used in places that do not have access to the power grid or as an emergency power supply when the grid fails. Generators for temporary power are used by many industries. Most commonly seen on construction sites, rental generators can be moved around the project to provide temporary power for a construction trailer, construction tools, welders, lighting or even security cameras. Portable generators are also found frequently on farms and ranches providing temporary power to irrigation pumps while waiting on the utility company to install new power lines.

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Portable Generators: When Power is Critical

As standby power, rental generators are used to provide a backup to utility power when power is critical. These portable generators can provide emergency power at hospitals or medical facilities, warehouses or distribution centers, or even large computer server rooms. A power grid failure at any of these facilities could cause loss of life, loss of perishable products, loss of revenue, or loss of data. These stand-by portable generators will automatically turn on when the grid fails, protecting patients, profitability, and data. They are a critical piece of operating any of these businesses.

During an emergency power outage, the generator rental company must move quickly to deploy the rental generator and restore power for the customers. Faced with an extended power outage caused by weather, fire, or an accident can be very challenging for businesses. Having the ability to rent a portable generator in these times is critical to a business’ bottom line.

Generator Rental Company: Who to Contact

Portable generators have many uses and are relied on by hundreds of thousands of businesses when the power grid fails or is not available. When a power need arises, contacting a reliable generator rental company like Power Plus is the key to providing temporary power, backup generator power or emergency power. Whatever the power need, portable generators can provide the solution and keep the lights on.

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