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Convenience Stores Prep for Power Outages with Electric Generators

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Superstorm Sandy was just the wake up call we deserved.  A spotlight has been placed on how important emergency backup power generators just are.  No longer a luxury, generators have become a necessity and in some states…even a law.

Florida, Louisiana and New York state that gas stations and convenience stores need to be prepared for a disaster: a generator must be installed on site; especially if they are within two miles of emergency evacuation zones.

So how do these contraptions actually work?  Well, when power utility is lost, a switch automatically transfers power from the standby generator to the primary source. 

With these babies on hand, now businesses can remain open during a power emergency.  They can service a community and guess what?  Make money.  Not only that, but refrigerated items shouldn’t have to perish, setting your business back in monetary loss.   Heck in October the NACS held a presentation called, “25 Ways to Reduce Losses by Managing a Disaster”.  Emergency backup generators lead the pack.

Do you own a convenience store or gas station?  Didn’t have a power generator on hand?  How did business fare?

Power Plus! is a leading provider of reliable non-radioactive power generators across the United States and Canada.

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