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$40 Trillion Over 20 Years – Oil’s on it’s way Out!

Within the next 20 years, it is estimated that about $40 trillion will be invested in the energy sector.

Global inventories of oil are dropping radically as the price of oil falls below $50 per barrel.  Renewable Energy continues to make its mark on investors and users. Clean or green technology has become more than just a wish; it is fast becoming a requirement.

Hydrocarbons found in the earth’s crust equate to about 12,000 gigatonnes. The cheaper oils are usually found in Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia and have surpassed the peak of production, and they may continue to produce but at a decreased output level.

Areas outside the Gulf are more expensive and drilling must go into deeper waters for oil extraction.

So now the quandary arises, oil is fast becoming more expensive to extract than its value. Investors are feeling the ropes tighten on their profits.

The exploration for oil lost $930 billion last year in comparison of the return.

As you review the amount of $70 trillion earmarked for investment in energy, the question is asked if oil and gas are safe investments.  Returns fell at least 20% in 2008. Oil investments are termed now as a somewhat risky proposition.

Because of increasing temperatures globally wide, of the 12,000 gigatonnes of reserves, about 900 will be useful. As a long-term investment fossil fuels have lost their appeal to the investor.

For the retirement fund investors, wind and solar are becoming more attractive. Battery storage and smart grid technologies are also finding their way to the list of safe investments.

Simply, wind and solar fuel will always be there, fuel is free, and change within the deep earth won’t present the same impacts as it does to fossil fuels.

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