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Power and Energy Production for the US Navy

Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Dennis V. McGinn every year looks forward to the historic Energy Action Month for the US Navy. The goal is the strong reinforcement and importance of reliable energy necessary for America’s Navy to “get the job done”. CNO (Chief of Naval Operations), Admiral John Richardson, mentioned, “Anybody who has operated at sea or ashore knows that energy is absolutely critical to doing our job.”

Energy Action Month primarily focuses on energy innovations designed to make the process more efficient and cost effective so as to strengthen the Global and Homeland security of the United States.

Secretary Mabus ’s objective of “1-gigawatt” of renewable energy production has been accomplished since 2015 thanks to the incredible efforts of  Commander, Navy Installations Command; Marine Corps Installations Command; Naval Facilities Engineering Command and the Renewable Energy Program Office. Nearly half of the Department of the Navy’s shore energy requirements have been adequately met with this newly achieved reliable energy production. Gigawatt production is fully ongoing in it’s production phase and in many cases has been completed ahead of schedule.

“Anchors Away” and time to “Ship Out” according to the Department of the Navy as it relates to more energy efficiency, as well as more initiatives in the coming years. Primary focuses will target fuel cells, electrification, micro grids and battery storage.

*** Image provided by The Renewable Energy Program Office (REPO)

Energy projects supported and made possible through enhanced resiliency is a fundamental course of action for the Department of the Navy. Through this effective and efficient movement forward, the D.O.N. will continue to increase resources, and reduce cost so as to have a greater means to goal achievements at home and abroad. With 24/7 access to reliable energy, our service men and women will have the necessary installations and infrastructures they deserve to complete the mission.

A major part of the program shows that the Department of the Navy will not be utilizing it’s own funding but will be incorporating 3rd party investments to get the job done.

Cutting edge technology and reliable energy production has always been a total commitment of the Department of the Navy, while at the same time helping to ensure the foundation of national security.

This month the Navy celebrated two major achievements:

1. Solar Energy Project, Naval Air Station Lemoore – Producing 167 megawatts making it the largest built and produced on land owned by the Department of Defense. This project will produce roughly 15% of the necessary power in the effort to maintain the “1-gigawatt” objective.

2. Mesquite Solar 3 Facility/Dedication – With 210 megawatts currently produced, this structure is now supplying about 30% of the energy needed to power 14 Naval and Marine Corps installations throughout the Southwestern United States. This achievement makes this project the largest acquisition of energy renewables ever accomplished by government/federally-controlled entities.

With the above-mentioned successes and the direction of the Department of the Navy, we see a great future ahead as it relates to renewable energy, production and cost efficiency. New projects are underway to help enlarge the scope and importance of energy efficiency for the United States military throughout the world. Energy supply must be greater, costs must be lower, and the infrastructure must be stronger. More power generated and more money saved means a greater defense force for these United States of America.

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