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Biomass Generator Electrifies Power Conference Facility

conference room with chairs

The western shore of Windermere meets electric.  A give-star, gold-rated Silverholme Manor on the private Graythwaite estate has received a major facelift with 120-person capacity style theater for presentations and business seminars.

And what’s fantastic about it is that a biomass electrical power generator and a water turbine are responsible for the building’s heating and overall maintenance.

The power conference facility rests at this exclusive 5,000-acre Lake District estate.  The manor itself has sat dormant for a couple of years, in a decayed-state until investors took seize of the property.

The Silverholme’s manager, Katrina Stacey is excited. “If people want a corporate retreat for the week or a business meeting for the weekend, it gives them a formal space to do that,” she states.

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