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8 Camping Gear Must Haves

A recent survey conducted by sporting goods retailer Sport Chalet said that 59 percent of respondents said that they go camping and 31 percent said that camping and/or hiking is their favorite summer activity. June, which is the official National Camping Month, kick-starts this year’s camping season. There are a number of essential items that both veteran and first-time campers should pack during the summer months.

Here are some recommendations for what camping gear to pack:

  • Tent
    A tent like The North Face Kaijo 4 Tent can host up to four people. It’s big enough to fully stand up in, and it’s well designed exterior protects from wind or sun.
  • Sleeping Bag
    You’ll want a sturdy sleeping bag like The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag, which features insulation, and can be unzipped to be used as a campground blanket.
  • Sleeping Mattress
    Pair a Thermarest MondiKing Mattress with you sleeping bag to have the best sleep possible. It’s four inches of thick, ultra-responsive foam and soft fabric shell will keep you from getting a sore neck or back.
  • Camping Chairs & Hammocks
    The Kelty Low-Love Chair fits two people, and is perfect for sitting around the campfire or watching the sun rise. If you’re in an area with trees, a hammock, such as the Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Hammock, is perfect for basking in the sun.
  • Lantern
    A pocket-sized LED lantern, such as the Black Diamond Orbit Lantern offers near-360 degree bright lighting, with dimming functions for personalized light levels.
  • Cooking System
    Use a safe, easy-to carry cooking system, such as the Jetboil Flash Cooking System to boil water and for any other cooking needs.
  • Medical Kit
    Carry a light-weight medical kit,  such as the Adventure Medical Kit which has enough bandages, medications, gauze and tape for four people for up to four days.
  • Generator
    If you’re not into primitive camping methods, the Goal Zero Solar Generator Kit can power essential devices and appliances with ease. 

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