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5 industries that should always have emergency power

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Countless industries in the United States rely on emergency power to ensure consistent operations, no matter what. In many instances, this backup power can save lives, as well as significant sums of money. Here is a list of the top five industries that should always have access to emergency power in the form of a backup generator. 

Clinics and hospitals

Clinics and hospitals are responsible for saving lives, and many people may not realize how power plays a fundamental role in this. Electrical healthcare equipment, such as ventilators, cannot continue to operate without electricity. In short, if the power goes out, and there is no backup in place, many people could lose their lives. 

Food storage facilities

Food storage facilities work hard to maintain specific temperatures for the sufficient storage of many different foodstuffs. A loss of power causes these temperatures to fall off-balance, leading to increased bacteria production, spoilage and wastage of hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of food. For example, raw chicken must be stored at 40 °F (4.4 °C) or below, according to the USDA, to ensure Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes do not produce rapidly.

Schools and other educational institutions

Nowadays, schools, colleges, and universities rely on a variety of technological equipment to provide a world-class education to their students from interactive whiteboards to class blogs to remote learning. Without power, much of this technology will be inaccessible, causing a halt in learning and costing the institution's money. 

Agricultural industry

According to Statistica, there are just over two million operational farms in the United States. These farms heavily rely on electricity to operate machinery and equipment, to cool or heat buildings to specific temperatures, and for essential lighting so work can begin before the sun rises. In the event of the grid failing, backup power is required to continue greenhouse operations, climate control, and irrigation systems' functioning too.  

Air transportation industry

Without power, the systems within an airport cannot correctly monitor departures and arrivals or keep in touch with pilots regarding weather reports, which can increase the chances of an accident. The air transportation industry needs consistent access to power so that personnel can notify government agencies and police if a breach in security takes place or if there is a medical emergency aboard an aircraft. 

What could a power failure cost your business and those who depend on you? Contact Power Plus today for help selecting the right backup generator for your business. We also provide generator installation, generator rental, and generator maintenance services. 

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