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Check Your Oil! Keep Your Emergency Power Generator in Shape!

Diesel engine failures are related to cooling system performances, right?  We’re talking about 40%-60% of failures attributed to this.  So if you have an emergency power system installed in your home or business but don’t regularly check your oil, you’re in big trouble.

Analyze your oil…

If you see discolored oil, you’re in the red zone.  Make sure that your coolant/anti-freeze doesn’t get into the oil.  Your diesel engine won’t be able to handle it.  Bad injectors and fuel pumps can dump fuel oil into the oil sump.  You leave this undetected; you’re going to be spending a ton of money.

Another chemical test you can do is a coolant analysis.  You have to make sure you’re using the recommended coolant recommended by the generator’s manufacturers.  As they say, different strokes for different folks.  Do this and your backup system will always be at top performance and last longer.  You’ll avoid rust, additive loss, galvanic corrosion and more.

Do a fuel analysis.  That fuel needs to be consistently clean.  Your fuel’s going to be sitting in your backup generator for ages.  Can the generator run on this ancient fuel?  You need to find out or everything will shut down, stop working.  Idle fuel will degrade through oxidation and create corrosive-by-products that can contaminate your components.

And don’t use poor quality fuel.  That kind of fuel can carry debris and deteriorate the metal in the tank.  Consider your system absorbing this.  You wouldn’t want put that in your body, would you?  Why should your generator?

Have a busy schedule or need a more hands on approach?  A company like Power Plus provides you with skilled and trained professionals who handle these routine checkups…

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