U.S. Sets New Record! Power Capacity Average at 91%

    (Provided by Steven Nameroff - Friday, January 30, 2015)

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During 2014, nuclear power plants in the United States reported setting a record for having a capacity factor average of 91.8%, which is the highest level on record. This was due in part to the amount of time reactors experienced down time for outages of the reactors due to repairs.

The plants are credited with shorter outages due to refueling and maintenance, and experienced fewer overall outages. Also, power usage was increased during December of 2014 to a level of 98.9%.

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There were 100 nuclear units in operation during 2014 that were involved in the capacity factor study.

Absent from the study was information from the Southern California Edison’s double unit San Onofre station which was permanently closed in 2013 after being offline during most of the year.

Another unit that did contribute to the study was Omaha Public Power’s Fort Calhoun in Nebraska, previously offline, but returned to service in 2013.

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Refueling and outages dropped to 37.2 days during 2014 which was down from 41 days in 2013 and 46 days during 2013. Even though there were more refueling outages in 2014, the number of days required for refueling was shorter.

During 2014, electricity generation from US nuclear power plants was targeted at 798.4 MWh, which is the sixth highest level on record. During 2010 there were 104 reactors that generated 808.9 million MWh.

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