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How to Effectively Repair Your Portable Generator

Portable generators are perfect for outdoor concerts, parties, events and schools. We at Power Plus cannot stress the importance of local schools and online schools to have reliable backup power systems.

Local schools teaching and educating "on campus" are different than schools who rely on "online education". The loss of power can be detrimental to both location based education and online home-schooling. In fact, anyone who has been without electricity knows how important backup power generators are.

The following maintenance steps can help you familiarize yourself with what can go wrong and what to do when problems arise:


"Field Flash" Jump Start

The "Field Flash" is a jump-starting technique that can be used if a generator fails to turn on. It is as simple as jump-starting a vehicle.

First, use a battery and connect the wires from the generator from negative to negative and positive to positive (wires are usually coated). Plug an electric drill into the generator's 120 volt receptacle while ensuring the drill is set to rotate forward and turn on the generator.

Generator Overload

This is a common problem that can stem from too many devices being connected to the generator, which in turn draws too much power and pushes the generator way past its normal capacity. Switch off devices and appliances to see if the generator begins working again.

Replace Fuses and/or Circuit Breakers

Is your generator running but not producing voltage? Reset the breaker and replace blown fuses. Try to determine what caused the trip or blow to ensure it won't happen again.

Any time you add fuel, check the oil level to avoid having the generator shut down because of low oil.

The owner's manual can tell you a lot regarding parts that may need to be replaced or common issues with the type of generator you have.

There are many more issues that can arise but can be avoided by regular maintenance. In addition, many types of issues that result in a power generator not turning on should be handled by the experts to avoid further damage. Power Plus Nationwide is a reliable portable generator service to turn to.

Power Plus Nationwide Services offers service and maintenance for all major brands including John Deere, Onan, Cummins, MTU, Koehler and other leading brands.

Power Plus specializes in commercial power generators, rental generators, event power and disaster response services. Power Plus has a large team of certified professionals who understand the need for extra power and can assist you in maintaining and fixing your generator. 

Power Plus! is a leading provider of reliable non-radioactive power generators across the United States and Canada.

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