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Europa Winery - June 2016 Job of the Month

Job of the Month: Europa Winery, Temecula, CA
By:  John Little

Over the last few years the many wineries in Temecula, CA have become more and more popular.  As a result, many of the facilities in the area are being remodeled or revamped entirely as part of an overall effort to upgrade the winery region.  I've been watching for potential opportunities along these lines, and the project I am highlighting this month is just that.  The Temecula Europa Winery project has been in the works for a while.  Berg Electric, one of our best customers, asked us to submit a budget bid for their overall bid.  They ended up winning the job as the electrical contractor for CW Driver, another great Power Plus customer, who is the overall GC for the winery upgrade project. The job is right down our alley consisting of providing 300a to a four-trailer trailer compound and another 100a to support construction of a winery building.  To accomplish this, we came off of an overhead temp transformer and set a 400a meter. From the meter we ran a 1,000' backbone to the building being constructed.  Working with Berg Electric that trenched 300' from the meter to the trailer compound, we laid our conduit in the trench and ran 4/4 underground cable and then set up an 8' high distro panel by the trailers.  From the panel we ran 4/4 cord to each of the trailers.

What makes the job different for us is that the transformer that we came off of for our meter was a temporary transformer emplaced by Edison (the utility company).  When Edison has to do some type of utility construction to solely support temp power, this is called "Rule 13."  Over 2-1/2 months, working with Berg Electric, Edison, and the City of Temecula, we had to clarify the actual requirement, work with a utility planner, submit a work order, and a few other things, and then wait for Edison to hang the temp transformer.  Despite the seemingly long delay from start to finish, we finished the job before the deadline, and the Customer was very satisfied.

As an added benefit to this roughly $30,000, 18-24 month long project, we had a Power Plus 150 kVA generator (with fueling) on site feeding the trailers for a portion of the time waiting for Edison's work order to be completed; this contributed to the overall Power Plus revenue. This was a great effort on our crew's behalf as well as Edison. Within the next couple of months we will be installing an even larger cabinet for some additional production needs.  We are looking forward to providing temp power to help build what will be a beautiful ground-up four building site in the gorgeous Temecula vineyard area.

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