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Backup Generators Power Up the Bismarck Civic Center

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A Bismarck-Mandan girls basketball game and a Baismarck-Mandan Camber of Commerce dinner were left in the dark at the Bismarck Civic Center when a three-hour blackout struck.  What was to blame?  A faulty cable that was discovered after crews shut down the backup electricity system.

Seems like the equipment used by the Civic Center isn’t up to par.  MDU spokesman Mark Hanson states, “They have four transformers and a backup generator. A transformer cable from their equipment failed and that tripped a circuit from our sub-station (at Fourth Street and Main Avenue).”

Thankfully emergency lighting provided by a backup generator made sure that panic was reduced.  Although the generator powered at full capacity, it wasn’t powerful enough. A more efficient emergency backup system should have been installed. 

Charlie Jeske, manager of the Civic Center, adds, “There was enough light for people to let themselves out. People finished eating at the banquet and the chamber event was released early. There was enough power for emergency lighting at the game, but not for a (public address) system or a scoreboard."

The girls’ basketball game was expected to be rescheduled the following week along with the boys’ game.

Have you ever had to sit through a blackout during an important sporting event?  Imagine a blackout during the Super Bowl! You’d go nuts, wouldn’t you?  Comment below.

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