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Europa Winery - June 2016 Job of the Month

    (Provided by Steven Nameroff - Wednesday, June 15, 2016)

Construction Power Services

Job of the Month: Europa Winery, Temecula, CA
By:  John Little

Over the last few years the many wineries in Temecula, CA have become more and more popular.  As a result, many of the facilities in the area are being remodeled or revamped entirely as part of an overall effort to upgrade the winery region.  I've been watching for potential opportunities along these lines, and the project I am highlighting this month is just that.  The Temecula Europa Winery project has been in the works for a while.  Berg Electric, one of our best customers, asked us to submit a budget bid for their overall bid.  They ended up winning the job as the electrical contractor for CW Driver, another great Power Plus customer, who is the overall GC for the winery upgrade project. 



District 1 Multifamily Apartment Building - May 2016 Job of the Month

    (Provided by Steven Nameroff - Wednesday, May 11, 2016)

construction backup power

Job: District 1 Multifamily Apartment Building, Milpitas, CA
By: Ray Dominguez

In NorCal, o ne of our biggest and best customers is Helix Electric. They give us all of their temporary power work; they never bid us out.  That was the case for this project for a multifamily apartment building in the city of Milpitas, CA.  When we perform work for Helix, we do all the temp power work, bringing power to the jobsite, and then they handle all the distribution in and around the project. 



Toll Brothers Regency Models - April 2016 Job of the Month

    (Provided by Steven Nameroff - Wednesday, April 06, 2016)

backup power for construction sites

Job: Toll Brothers Regency Models, Las Vegas, NV
By Rick Coblentz

It's always nice to perform a job that taps into our flexibility and agility as a company, and this job for Toll Brothers was certainly that.  The requirement: provide power to 10 model homes split between two sides of a cul-de-sac in an undeveloped area where the builder did not want to see any overhead poles, and do it in the most economical manner possible.

Based on our strong relationship with Toll Brothers in Las Vegas, we were well aware of this opportunity going back to the design phase last August.  Power Plus had provided a combination of temp power poles fed from a generator for the construction of these models.  And when the opportunity to bid on powering the finished models for approximately four months, our two chief generator competitors (Caterpillar and Extended Power) didn't show up for the meeting.  But we were still committed to providing our customer the best value possible.