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Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment

During a power outage you and your business can be prepared by having a generator available to take care of your electrical requirements. Power Plus can meet your needs by providing the quality power restoration you will need to maintain your business.  You can maintain your production schedule and your inventory by keeping the power flowing into your business.

Our trained professionals can provide you with emergency lighting and backup power generators that will prevents impacts to your business caused by an outage of power.  If you have an institution such as a school or learning facility, the safety of your students should be a top priority and having a backup power system will provide for that safety.  Our equipment is available for sale or rent so that when the situation arises, we can be there for you.

If you are having an event such as a concert, having a standby backup power system can make the difference between having a successful event or one that goes badly due to a power outage. During inclement weather conditions, equipment failure or natural disaster, we can provide you with expertise you need to meet your power needs, install your equipment, and maintain your equipment so that your transition to your backup system is effective.

Specializing in a complete inventory of power equipment, Power Plus has the equipment available for your business to meet all of your power needs. We also offer total installation services and a warranty for all of our products.

Power Plus! is a leading provider of reliable non-radioactive power generators across the United States and Canada.

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