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4 Actions You Can Take If Your Landlord Fails to Fix A Problem

After power line that ran power to the homes at the Casa Mia Mobile Home Park went dead, residents waited for almost 4 weeks without power. The property manager and owner failed to get them even a temporary solution, so one of the residents contacted a local news station. The news station proceeded to contact the state department, who then threatened to suspend the park’s operating permit. The power was restored within 24 hours.

As a resident you have many rights. Here are 4 recourses that you can take if you are dealing with a situation similar to this one.

  1. Notify The Landlord in Writing
    This is always the first step you should take, no matter what the situation. Verbal appeals don’t hold up as well as written ones.
  2. Fix the Problem
    Hire a contractor to fix the problem, or fix it yourself. The cost of repairs can be deducted from your rent
  3. Get an estimate
    If you’re doing the repairs, getting an estimate will allow you to charge the proper price. You will also need to prove that you know what you’re doing and what the costs are. Repair costs can’t exceed one month’s rent
  4. Break the lease and move out
    If the repairs havent’ been made within 30 days, you can vacate the premise and not have any obligations to the lease you signed.

To read more about this visit News10.

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