Backup Emergency Power Generators

Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment

Power outages—they have happened to everyone. Whether they are due to downed trees, a harsh snowstorm or structurally compromised infrastructure, power outages have devastating effects on consumers, businesses and the United States economy. In fact, in 2014, approximately 12.4 million people were affected by power outages costing more than an estimated 150 billion dollars annually. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself from power outages. Our company, Power Plus, specializes in emergency lighting and power equipment, and will ensure that your endeavors, no matter what they are, continue to be fully operational—even when the lights go off—through backup emergency power. Keep reading to find out how our power generators can benefit you.

Educational Facilities

Learning should not end when disasters happen. It would be a shame if your students suffered because of a power outage or natural disaster. University students pay a premium price for their education, so power outages are particularly costly for them. If your institution is located in an area prone to blackouts, it may be wise to invest in backup emergency power. In fact, in certain regions, having emergency lighting is a safety requirement. Whether you choose to invest in power generators or utilize rental generators in the case of an emergency, Power Plus has services to accommodate you.

Public Events

Backup emergency power can also be an asset during public events such as concerts, parties or conventions. Losing power during a critical public event such as a concert could mean thousands of dollars lost in revenue and angry customers. You don’t want to take that chance. Even if your function is held in an area that is not already outfitted for electricity, Power Plus can install the necessary equipment and rental generators to get the power you need. Planning public events can already be a stressful experience; take one worry off of your shoulders by letting us handle the power. You can rest assured that we will keep the power running so that everything goes as planned.

Warehouses & Assembly Lines

Do you own a warehouse or business with an assembly line? If you do, you know how important it is to keep production levels on track and protect your inventory. Both of these things directly relate to the amount of revenue you take in. However, without electricity, your assembly line will cease to run and temperature-sensitive inventory can be damaged. Such occurrences can be avoided by investing in our power equipment. If you buy our power generators, you will be glad you did in the case of an emergency, and if you are caught off guard by an emergency without emergency lighting and power, then you may also take advantage of our rental generators.

Power Plus!

Our services are not constrained to just the businesses described above. Regardless of your type of business, our services can help you be prepared or cope with an emergency. Contact us today to see which of our products are best suited for your needs.