Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment

There’s no need for a company to lose business due to a power outage. Power Plus provides the highest standard in emergency, temporary lighting and power equipment. Manufacturing firms come to a grinding halt when their machines and conveyor belts stop working. Thanks to Power Plus, a company can keep to its production schedule with convenient emergency lighting and generator services. Business’ specializing in data and telecommunications rely heavily on electricity, and can only benefit from permanent emergency lighting and backup generators. Allow our trained electricians to do all of the set up for you, from power generators to cost-effective temporary lighting, to keep your business running on schedule.

Schools can be affected by power outages as well. Students can find themselves lost in dark dormitories, and teachers certainly can’t teach properly without overhead lighting. In fact, for institutions located in densely populated areas, emergency lighting can be a safety requirement. So whether you choose to invest in permanent backup power and lighting, or rent it when the situation arises, Power Plus offers complete, safe, emergency products and services at a moment’s notice. Don’t allow your business or institution to suffer due to a power outage, or a natural disaster. Having power during a disaster may be crucial to survival. Our highly trained task force has experience dealing with natural disasters, and are ready to help in the most urgent scenarios: fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes...any climate, any time.

Back-up power can also mean the difference between a successful event and an unsatisfying customer experience.  In the case of a concert, party or function, no matter the scale, Power Plus is ready with the power you need to entertain a crowd. It can be stressful staging a public event, and it’s important that everything goes as planned. Emergency lighting and power generators can ensure that investments are not lost, and customers remain satisfied when there is a power outage. This means that the fun can go on, because your lights won’t go off.

Let us bring the power to you. We can furnish the necessary equipment  for a location that is not outfitted for electricity. From fairgrounds to remote construction sites, our state of the art emergency lighting and power equipment is reliable and cost-effective.

Power Plus specializes in an array of power equipment, ranging in brand and purpose, to suit any company’s needs and standards. We believe that our customers should have the best selection of power equipment available to them, to either rent or buy, and we offer complete installation and warranties for all of our products. In addition to our wide range of emergency power services, we also offer complete fueling facilitation, without any unnecessary fees. Our high capacity generators require less refueling than most, so keeping your business in power is one less headache.

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